EA Introduces Nominees for Team of the Year at FIFA 20

EA Introduces Nominees for Team of the Year at FIFA 20

This year, for the first time, the fans of the game themselves will determine the participants of the EA SPORTS FIFA (TOTY) team of the year by voting. To choose from a list that includes 55 players nominated by EA SPORTS for outstanding achievements on.

During matches, the scripts work as they should, but the previous lack of variety of animations becomes noticeable in the commercials. After the end of a half-time or match, several players at once can perform the same action (grab a person from despair, for example), this is already a tradition. Of course, in the franchise, which is bought for playing football, and not for the sake of cinematics, this is not the biggest problem, but the devil is in the details. And such inattention of developers to trifles greatly impedes immersion in what is happening.

In terms of physics, the game feels like brought to mind: no total changes have occurred. Long shots now seem more powerful and more natural, there are long shots from below. The canopies from the corner became more complicated and pretentious – I had to get used to it. But the changes have changed little (if at all), so fans of the previous part will feel at home.


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