Libertadores Cup Trailer for FIFA 20

Libertadores Cup Trailer for FIFA 20

EA unveils the Libertadores Cup trailer for FIFA 20 – a football tournament held among the best clubs in South America. There is almost no gameplay in the video – only the emotions of the fans from one of the most important tournaments of the continent.

Goal celebrations are still enchanting. Want to dance? Or, playing for Ronaldo, stand in his favorite triumphal pose? Easy. Run up to the operator and celebrate in the camera? Hug with a warm-up alternate player? Or even run past the spare and hug with the coach? Well, all of them: you can celebrate with the fans! We run to the podium and hug everyone who reaches out. And they will try: the guys at the match are smart and, seeing you, instantly rush from their back rows to the fences. And the drawing of the fans, given such a crowd, is quite decent, so such moments of glee do not even look ridiculous.

No new regimes were brought in this year – they just supplemented the old ones. In FUT mode (you can read more about it in the review for FIFA 17, everything is the same as before), for example, the legendary idols were added. Who will refuse to play for Pele, Ronaldinho, Henri or the Soviet legend Lev Yashin?


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