FIFA 20 will host FIFAFriday Christmas event

FIFA 20 will host FIFAFriday Christmas event

EA Sports announced the launch of a special event – #FIFAFriday. FIFA 20 users will be able to receive gifts for watching certain broadcasts on streaming platforms.

The view of the stadium from the street, the stands, the lawn – everything looks much juicier, but the potential of these beauties seemed to be too lazy to use to the fullest. In FIFA 18, the traditional minimalism of the videos has been preserved, so that each match starts in the same way. The plans go in a predetermined order: the view of the stadium from the outside – the teams entering the field – shaking hands – arranging in a circle – starting. At times, minor additives appear like a view of the stands or the face of the head coach, but in general there are almost no chances to consider the new schedule from any new angle.

PES in this regard is still the undisputed leader. There, each pre-match saver creates the effect of the start of a grand event, with interesting angles and views, and in EA it seems that they do not want to strain their “operator” once again. The stadiums have become much more alive – after a break on the field there is a mountain of confetti, and the grass on the replays really looks like artificial turf.


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