EA banned FIFA pro player for contempt of company

EA banned FIFA pro player for contempt of company

Electronic Arts banned Maltese professional FIFA player Kurt ‘Kurt0411’ Fenech for inappropriate behavior and disrespect for the company.

If you continue your career without stars, the game begins to create players in a random way: it winds up their characteristics to them, trying to replace the top players who have left. But this plays into the hands of only us. We buy stars playing for some Mansity, while artificial intelligence is not able to maintain a competitive squad: it replaces legends with advanced footballers, but the total squads are practically zero. And at some point, any match, even on a legendary difficulty, turns into an easy walk. The further you go in the career of a coach, the easier it is to play.

At the same time, it’s difficult to find frank flaws in FIFA: despite all the animated innovations, during the game, serious bugs could not be noticed. No players getting stuck in each other or flying the ball through the leg – maybe Probably, the game will still “please” later (physics bugs in FIFA are the long-awaited annual entertainment), but so far everything is clean.


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