The new survival mode will be added to FIFA next version

The new survival mode will be added to FIFA next version

FIFA next versio will be released with a survival mode: in it, teams will lose a player after they score a goal. To win, you need five goals.

EA Sports Creative Director Matt Pryor has denied that the company was inspired by battle royale. “The Battle Royale appeared much later than we had this idea, but it’s funny that our regime is associated with games in this genre,” Pryor said in a comment to Eurogamer.

The new FIFA will allow you to start the match without a referee. Then the game will ignore fouls and offsides. Another set of rules: only goals from the awnings are counted. Before starting any fight, you can set a head start for yourself or your opponent, as well as adjust the level of AI, which controls inactive players.

Users will be allowed to choose the format of the meeting: one or two matches, as well as a series of up to several victories. They will be able to immediately hold an official match like the Champions League final – now it is not necessary to play the previous stages.


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